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Brief, history if this is your first time entering... 

I started these competitions (As raffles) back in September 2016

To promote my main business 

Southcoast Suspension  


I raffled off a Fox 36 fork, and then a dhx2 shock.

It quickly grew and we did a few more using the raffle format!

(We had my daughter picking numbers from a bucket!) 


Then we switched over to the competition style in  January/February 2017. 

(As nice as the raffles where they couldn't legally continue) 


I had always wanted to do a competition for a complete Dream bike, something I had thought of several years previous.


And I'm super chuffed its got this far.

You can see our Increasing previous Monthly winners here


We also have a Google map of them too Click here



Share it Enjoy it Win it Ride it !!! 


Good luck. 

Fox out! 👊

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