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To save some time here are some answers to the most common questions we recieve.


How do I pay ?


We accept all major credit/debit cards, if you have a banking app on your mobile we are in the business directory you can use that and if you are on internet banking we accept bank transfers too.


Can I drop of my suspension ?


Yes, by all means if your local or if you want to see a face an have a chin wag you can drop your products of to us. We don't do a while you wait service but this depends on the job ! 

 (we get stage fright !!)

And this is by appiontment only.


What is your turnaround ?


We try to keep within 2-3 days maximum but if a part is not in stock then we have to wait for it obviously !

Additionally You be will notified if your product needs addtional work or parts before we continue.

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